edible hanging basket


Learn to garden on a small scale . Ideal to make and look after at a school . Great for gardening in a small space .

Materials :  Wire hanging basket . Moss or Sisal . Compost ( pea free) . Fertiliser . 

Plants -  Tumbling ( Cherry )Tomatoes , Strawberry , Herbs ( Basil , Coriander , Chives Parsley ) , Cut and come again Salad leaves . Some flower ( Petunia )

Use all the basket – plant through the sides as well as the top . Build up in stages  . Like layers of a cake . 

Check your basket daily . Children to treat this mini garden like a pet . Every day check – Water . Pick over dead leaves . Occasionally spray with liquid feed . Pick off dead flowers . Pruning (Pinch tips of plants).



Create a circle , either in open ground or in a large container . Can use recycled materials like bricks or pebbles . 

Dig over the ground thoroughly and rake the soil level , add compost if yopu have . Then tread with the feet taking out any air pockets in the soil and rake again .

Divide the circle into four or five ‘pizza slices’ using more of your recycled materials . 

Pick crops for each pizza slice section , these could be Rocket , Basil , Coriander , Salad leaves , mustard leaves , Chard , Spinach or even Tomatoes / Peppers . 

Pick crops that can be used as a pizza topping . It's a good idea to sow these crops in the classroom ( in a propagator ) would be ideal and the transplant out into your pizza wheel or you can buy them as plugs ( baby plants ) . 



Take an old plastic compost bin or even water butt . This will be the main body of your Dalek . This  project can be made from recycled materials or the price of a compost bin  and some paint .

Materials to decorate your Dalek , Half tennis balls , CD’s old plastic bottles for the main body .  Washing up bowl , round bowl , whisk , tongs for the head . Can use the imagination . 

Will need sprays or paints to colour the Dalek.

Role out this project to schools and garden Centres and tie the project to Chelsea flowerer show .

A window of Perspex should be put into the side of the Dalek  composter to show the composting . 

Compost  techniques , examples  50 : 50 Greens (live material – grass clippings , weeds , fruit waste ) Browns ( Dead materials – cardboard , paper , wood shavings ) . Turning and watering the compost will help it break down , make sure the top of your compost Dalek’s top can be removed .

vegetable bedding art


Grow edible plants more creatively . Use Art classes to get ideas from the kids . 

Design a pattern –

Large plants – known as Dots – Planted single – Example – Courgette 

Medium sized plants - many plants – known as Carpet – Example – Lettuce. Chilli , Peppers , Chard .

Small plants – known as edging – planted as a border around the edge of the other plants – Example - Basil , Rocket , Salad Leaves , Parsley .

Prepare ground by digging in compost , raking , treading ( firming) raking again  Measure and mark out pattern using sand .

Plant as baby plants grown in a greenhouse or propagator .

Keep the pattern clipped and picked throughout the season . 

crazy heads


A few methods – decorate a pot , could be with your own face ( photo ) or use paint and stickers to create something artistic . Fill the pot with soil , once finished decorating and sow cress or grass seed which will grow into hair , great for smaller children . remember to water 

If using Cress , this can be clipped and used in a sandwich 

Can use a second method using the feet of . Pour some grass seed and then add soil ,. Tie off the end of the tight , creating a firm round ball . Decorate it with a face or art of your choice . Sit the crazy head in a tray and keep watered . The Crazy head will grow grass hair which can be clipped from time to time to re grow .

potato growing sack


Use an old hesseyaon sack . Important that it ca drain and is sort completely water tight .

Use seed Potatoes as they will be disease free . You can buy these from a garden centre , they are not expensive  . 

Before planting they need to be ‘Chitted’ . That is you want them to grow small shoots before planting . The best way to do this is to put them in a half egg box and put them somewhere dry and not too hot .

Once your seed potatoes have small shots , fill up your Hesseyaon sack to one third full an place in your Potatoes and cover . Roll up the sack to the soil level . As your Potatoes  grow , unravel the sack little by little and add more soil . This will ensure your sack will be full of Potatoes .

A good variety of Potato to grow is ‘Rocket’. A fast growing type which is good for schools as they will crop in term time .

You can use other types of containers too , just remember they need to drain .

sensory path


Decide where you want your path . Dig it out , maybe making it 5 to 7 cm deep . Using Ply wood and pegs make the edges of your path . See if you can use recycled wood . Optionally , you can line the bottom of your path with some tarpaulin . Put some holes in it for drainage . 

Next divide the path into sections , using plywood as cross members . Nail into place . 

Use different materials to fil the sections : Bark , Grass , water ( Use a rubber liner ) Pebbles , Gravel , Sand , Bricks , Soil , Wood .

Path is walked on bare feet for the sensory experience 

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runner bean wig-wam


Find a spot in the garden or get a large container . Dig in tots of compost 

Ark out a circle with sand . Create a T-pee out of Bamboo canes or coppiced Hazel . Push the canes into the soil at 10 to 20 cm’s apart , leaving a 50 cm gap as the entrance to your T-pee .  

Tie the top of your canes together . 

At the base of the Canes plant a Runner Bean, there are many types so have fun choosing . Put some compost or manure ( rotted ) into the planting hole .

Water regularly , Runner Beans like Water and they will grow and cover the canes forming a T-pee . Pick , cook and eat as your plants produce Beans .

Lawn furniture


Incredibly comfortable , natural furniture . Create on an existing lawn . 

Make two piles of soil , one large one small . The large one you will sit with your back too , the smaller one  you rest your legs over . Or make one pile and mound up the soil one side for a back rest .

Once your happy with your soil piles , purchase some strips of turf . These are inexpensive and can be got from a garden centre  . Cover the soil piles in your  turf and pin in place with tent pegs .

After a few weeks the turf will have rooted and you can use your lawn furniture Clip it when the grass starts to get too long with scissors or shears .

Tyre herb planter


Old tyres  that have been cleaned and reconditioned can be bought cheaply over the internet .

Stack the tree or four high and o the inside secure them together with string or wire . 

Line the tyres with plastic or tarpaulin , make sure it can drain . 

Back fill with soil , mixed with horticultural sand 75 : 25 ( Can buy from garden centre ) . 

Paint bright colours with Acrylic paints .

These tyre containers look good in threes , 

Plant a selection of herbs . Tyre  one – Shrub herbs like Lavender , Rosemary .  Tyre Two – Plant with fast growing herbs like Mint & Lemon Balm . Tyre Three plant with grazing herbs like Basil , Coriander , Parsley .

leaf mobile


A great way to teach children the UK’s native trees .

Collect the leaves of native trees , Oak , Beech , Birch , Hazel , Willow , Bird Cherry , Hawthorn . 

Press them on blotting paper between two heavy books ,

When they are dry , seal them in sticky backed plastic sheet and cut to size .

Using Fishing line and old coat hangers or tree twigs / branches ,  create a mobile and attach your leaves and hang .

rainforest terrarium


Create your own mini rainforest .

Get an old fish tank and line the base with gravel , a couple of CM deep . add good compost , undulating it to create mini hills and valleys . At lowest points it should be at least 10 CM deep . 

Plant in you small tropical plants – Orchids , Pipers , Begonias .

Cover the surface in moss .

Place your terrarium in a brightly lit place out of direct  sunshine . Can add decorations if wanted .

Mist lightly with  water in  a water sprayer once a day , pick over any dead leaves or flowers . Liquid feed once every couple of months 

write your name in salad


Grow and eat your name 

Get a seed tray and fill it with good multi-purpose compost . 

Lightly firm the compost and mark out your name with sand . 

Sow Rocket seed along the sand name . 

Radiating out from the name sow in lines around 5 cm apart , sow Purple salad  seeds or purple basil . 

Sieve fine soil over the seeds and water carefully. Important not to wash out the seeds .

Place outside on the window sill or in the back garden . Clip the name as it grows and use in sandwiches .

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