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Gardening comes from the soul and mine started with the simple act of climbing and sitting in trees from an early age. Knowledge of plants soon became a sixth sense, giving any journey an added angle as the constantly changing scenery provided by plant life makes for a much more interesting and happy life. 

Think of your garden as a constantly changing stage with the plants offering differing roles every day of the year.

My journey began in a superb Parks department in Brighton, where I worked with the finest gardeners in my career; sadly a dying breed but I am eternally grateful for the time I spent with them as gardening is a practical subject and Brighton’s parks gardeners were the finest.

The subject of horticulture was to broaden substantially for me when I moved on to the amazing Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh. Specialists abound at these botanic gardens and they are all on tap for the willing plantsman. My time there led to my international career both in Cameroon & Japan. It's important to say how revered British gardeners are on the world stage, something we need to acknowledge a lot more at home.

A spell a Kew Botanic gardens in their arboretum department followed next where I worked among one of the best tree collections on earth. Trees are the kings of nature and I will never tire of looking at them no matter where I am in the world.

I then worked at Westminster Abbey as Head gardener. This is one of the oldest recorded gardens in the UK and run as a medicinal garden by monks over 900 years ago. It was also the start of my passion for organic gardening and soil health. The fact that the Abbey is the steeped in so much history and seeing the Queen on a regular occurrence made this job so special.

A career in media then beckoned when a series on BBC2 was offered my way and  'The Plantsman' followed my decade as the Blue Peter gardener opening up a whole other chapter in my gardening adventure.